Chantal Paré

391 Montrose
Beaconsfield, QC
Canada H9W 6G2


1996 - B.Sc. Botanical Sciences, McGill University
1999 - M.Sc. Biology, McGill University
Thesis title: Genetic Analysis of localization of a Bic-D::GFP Fusion Protein and Identification of Novel Subcellular Domains.

Stained Glass
Since 1998

December 2004, continuing - Laura Donefer, Espace Verre
July 2006 - Laura Donefer, Red Deer College
July 2006 - Darren Petersen, Red Deer College
July 2007 - Claire and Anthony Schefermeyer, Pilchuck Glass School, WA, USA

Glass Painting
January 2008 - Ali, Studio du Verre
October 2008 - Deborah Coombs, Coombs Criddle and Assoc, VT, USA

Pâte de verre
December 2007 - Donald Robertson, Espace Verre

2002 OrchidExpo - 1st Prize, Art Exhibit, and 1st and 3rd Orchid Art
January 2005 - Beaconsfield Library

Orchids in Glass

Artist Statement

It's all about color balance and pattern. I spend countless hours preparing color mixes, testing what works, and what doesn't. I believe in functional objects more than high art. If I make a vessel, not matter how richly colored, I want it be to functional. If I am not comfortable tossing a few lemons in it, and place it on the dinner table for it to be used and seen, then I have failed.

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